Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • How often should I pay rent?
  • Most of the payments are usually paid (every 3 months). That means you should generally prepare 3 months rent and one month rent for deposit equating to four month rent in total.

    If you can't withdraw enough money from the bank when moving in, please inform us of your situation and we will inform the landlords, and you'll be given time to prepare the required funds.

  • ​How about utility fees?
  • Utility fees (Water, Gas, Electricity and Internet) are not included the rent so you'll have to pay for them separately, but these fees are not high. When renting a single room in a shared apartment, you will share utility fees with your other roommates which will be roughly around 150rmb. Utility fees can be paid to the landlord and the landlord will show you a receipt after payment has been made.

  • How do I pay my bills?
  • If you live in private apartment, you'll have to pay bills by yourself and should you have trouble doing this we will readily provide you with assistance.

  • How soon can I view the apartments?
  • During the busy times of the year properties are rented out very quickly. It is better to give us a week's notice before your arrival in Beijing, so we can arrange some viewings for you when you arrive.

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